Administration and Board of Directors


Susie Ikeda, Executive Director
Tobias Werner, Music Director
Donald Crockett, Senior Composer-in-Residence
Maxine Neuman, Assistant Music Director
Lauren Stubbs, Assistant Music Director

The Board of Directors of the Conference appoints, and works closely with, the Executive Director and the Music Director.

The Executive Director is responsible for the operations of the Conference. Duties of the Executive Director include managing the on-site details of the summer residency, hiring and supervising administrative staff, overseeing the application and audition process, and overseeing the team that constructs the coaching schedule.

The Music Director oversees all musical aspects of the Conference, engages faculty and guest faculty, and programs the faculty concerts, participant musicales, and seminars. The Music Director also appoints the Senior Composer-in-Residence, who is responsible for organizing the Composers' Forum.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Mike Kong, Chair
Andrea Berger, Vice Chair
Dianne Mahany, Treasurer
Katie Peña, Secretary
Trish Maxson, Nominating Committee Chair

Katherine Canning
Miriam Goldberg
Barbara Kipp
David Knapp
Larry Kohorn
Sylvia Lipnick
Linda Rappaport
Claire Stefani
Emily Toll
Beverly Van Ausdal

Faculty Representatives
Maxine Neuman
Michael Finckel

Robert Bloom (1909-1994)
Harold Laufman (1912-2010)
Otto Luening (1900-1996)
Lionel Nowak (1911-1995)
Frank Wigglesworth (1918-1996)
Stephen Reid

The Board of Directors of the Conference is an all-volunteer board that comprises participants and faculty members and holds winter, summer, and autumn meetings. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Conference remains financially healthy and fulfills its mission to deliver high-level chamber music study and performance in the classical and new music repertoires.

The Board includes four officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), three standing committees (Executive, Finance, and Nominating), and other committees such as Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Publicity, and Recruiting. Some key functions and tasks are supported by members of the Conference community who are not on the Board; we welcome expressions of interest from members of the community who would like to serve on a committee or offer volunteer time.

The Chamber Music Conference and Composers’ Forum of the East, Inc.
Tobias Werner, Music Director
Donald Crockett, Senior Composer-in-Residence
Susie Ikeda, Executive Director

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